ITUS Defense

My friend David Jackson owns an awesome up-and-coming company that teaches gun safety as well as tactical training in and out of your home. It was super fun to go out to the range with him to shadow one of his classes, and take some photos for his business! Check out his website if you're located anywhere near Sacramento!

Young Love

This past Saturday I was lucky enough to take Senior Prom photos for a couple who are very much the definition of "young love".  Hearing about high school sweethearts is one thing, but when you see these two together you get a feeling that the love you see in the old Hollywood movies can actually be real. 

We had so much fun laughing and enjoying our time spent together. They were excited to go to Cameron's Senior Prom because they were unable to go last year due to Cameron needing surgery. You can't very well dance on crutches! I think they made up for it this year, I love how their photos turned out! Here are some of my personal favorites!